Saturday, 16 September 2017

ERP and CRM Software Implementation Management

The proposed ERP solution should have the following modules:
The proposal should contain the details of the solution components proposed along with how each of the solution components would meet the requirements of company.

Solution details including but not limited to the ERP solution, the modules or solution components of the ERP, the other 3rd party solution components required to meet the requirements of company.
solutions required for running the maintenance and support operations, the solutions / tools required during implementation,
support and maintenance phases.
Functional coverage of the solution
Technical coverage of solution (proposed hardware, details pertaining to database, OS, technical architecture, etc.

The bill of material for the proposed CRM and 3rd party solution
The details of third party solutions if any, its description and purpose
The company is expected to provide an understanding of the best practices related to implementation in Real-estate  manufacturer, Marketing,automative,  Ecommerce , education and consultancy etc. companies from their previous experience in CRM solution implementation. The best practices applicable for media organizations need to be highlighted which can be adopted at Company.

The Technical proposal should contain a detailed description of how the company will implement the ERP or CRM solution at Company. It should articulate, in detail, as to how the bidder’s methodology, technical teams, the management expertise and specific capabilities required for the project will be deployed to meet the requirements of Company.

The Technical proposal should contain details of the team for implementation, and the profiles of the experts with highlights of their experience as relevant to this project.  Companies shall briefly describe the team roles and responsibilities as per the various phases during the system implementation.
The bidder should give an overview of the project plan, resource deployment, the mechanisms for managing the timelines, the mechanism for change management, scope management duly assessing the effort to address the changes in scope if any, assessing the expertise required to address these changes, and configuration control the mechanism for change management, scope management duly assessing the effort to address the changes in scope, if any, assessing the expertise required to address these changes, and configuration control. Escalation matrix with service levels should be provided by STINGO.

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GSTN for return filing

In recent few months, many new features have been updated on GST portal to help taxpayers while transacting through GSTN for return filing...