Saturday, 13 January 2018

Happy Lohri And Makar Sankranti:
 "The best part is to see beautiful and colourful kites up in the sky,"

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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Empower your business

Track key performance indicators. Empower your business

STINGO Sales CRM is an innovator of communication technologies. Providing call centre software and CIM applications to BPOs and small enterprises.

Reports and Dashboards. Complaint Management Service, Sale Performance

Wide Range of reporting components,

 No IT help required!

Use a variety of charts, pivot tables and tabular view components to build your dashboards. Drill down into your data for the insights you need, and excel export & import tools.

Schedule your appointment to be emailed automatically. Collaborate on dashboard creation and make informed decisions as a team. Embed dashboards across various online platforms for mass consumption. Also, provide fine-grained access control in Stingo Sales CRM Delhi.

Your company. Better Business Process

Free. Unlimited. Online.

Build new calculations with an intuitive formula engine that offers extensive mathematical & statistical functions. 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Lead to de-motivation and significant Loss of Productivity

Inconsistencies can lead to de-motivation and significant loss of productivity. Organizations then have to face the brunt of employee grievances. Managing these employee grievances can become quite a challenge.
Ensuring 100% accuracy & consistently on-time, Stingo Sales CRM can provide the performance boost that your organization needs outsourcing with Stingo helps you reduce these grievances to a minimum. With companies that we have worked with, Sales team have seen lead related queries  like focus on lead management, appointment, lead mature, deal closer, sales crm target industry, Sales Cloud crm, Sales CRM, sales reporting, sales reporting crm, call centre crm,crm software used in call centre,crm software for real estate, real estate crm free, crm software for small business, crm software for call centre,free crm software for insurance,crm software for insurance agents,insurance agency management software,free insurance agency management software,free crm for insurance agents,crm software for manufacturing industry,crm for manufacturing companies,best crm software for manufacturing,customer relationship management in manufacturing industry,role of crm in manufacturing sector,crm for manufacturing,crm for small business,crm software, , Cloud Computing CRM Solutions in Gurgaon      
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Monday, 1 January 2018

Wishing You New Year 2018 !

May The New Year Bring Joy, Peace and Happiness to You and Your Entire Family. Happy New Year 2018.

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GSTN for return filing

In recent few months, many new features have been updated on GST portal to help taxpayers while transacting through GSTN for return filing...